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McCoy Motorsports - Maverick R

Can-Am JL Audio Roof - Level 4

Can-Am JL Audio Roof - Level 4

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Create the ultimate riding soundtrack for you and your friends with a Can-Am JL Audio Roof - Level 4. With weatherproof components, this system was designed for optimal sound quality and maximum fun.

  • Full roof with premium JL Audio System for Maverick R
  • Features fully sealed and waterproof components and construction
  • Easy to install and connect
  • Controlled by the 10.25" Color Touchscreen Display or by the Can-Am JL Audio Source Unit
  • Weatherproof components include four 7.7″ coaxial speakers and a 500-watt amplifier
  • The system is expertly tuned for exceptional sound when you're riding in your Maverick R
  • Speakers include an adjustable RGB LED cone illumination, controlled via an app on your smartphone
  • Specific to your type of riding
  • When combined with the Can-Am Audio System - Level 3 (715007954) or Level 5 (715007957), it provides the ultimate sound experience
  • Not compatible with the Adventure Roof Rack (715007186)
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