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McCoy Motorsports - Maverick R

Electronic Device Holder

Electronic Device Holder

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Always have your electronic device nearby by increasing your glovebox's storage capacity with an Electronic Device Holder. The magnetic support was designed to stay firmly in place, even on your wildest rides

  • Increases the storage capacity of the glovebox by 1 Gal (4L), with secure magnetic adjustable support for your electronic device.
  • Robust injected fiber-reinforced-polypropylene construction allows for the right fit and easy installation.
  • Magnet 10 times stronger than any electronic device's weight, ride through rough terrain confidently.
  • 2 possible positions for your electronic device: Portrait & Landscape. Adjustable support with 2 positions: facing the passenger or towards the pilot for an improved driving experience and immersion.
  • Includes everything needed for installation on your favorite electronic devices: 2 pre-assembled Can-Am plates with 3M multi-surface adhesive.
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